Our Client Commitment

The Law Offices of Steven R. Dwyer are committed to providing conscientious and dedicated service to all clients.  What occurs at the initial meeting will be tailored to the unique circumstances of your case.  If you are contemplating filing a lawsuit, we will discuss and examine whether, in fact, you have a legal claim including your rights under the law.  After it has been established that there is a reasonable justification for your claim, you will receive an honest assessment of your case in terms legal precedent, the type or types of resolution possible, and the level of litigation and representation that will be provided.

Why Hire An Attorney?

You should hire an attorney to represent and advocate for your best interests if:

  1. You have been injured,
  2. All else has failed, and you are in a vulnerable position,
  3. You do not understand what is happening related to getting sued, or,
  4. You are involved in a criminal law case.

Workman’s Compensation Cases

Call for a consultation if you:

  1. Have suffered a work-related injury,
  2. Have recently received a Final Determination from the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Division,
  3. Have had an employer object to your Workers’ Compensation benefits, or
  4. Just have general questions about your rights as an employee under the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation law.

A consultation may include workers’ compensation benefits regarding ongoing treatment and/or issues related to temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability.


Criminal Law Cases

If you are involved in the criminal justice system, we will review the facts specific to your case, assess how best to move forward, and always work to obtain the best result possible and minimize the consequences of the alleged criminal actions.


Advocacy in all cases

As the case progresses, a professional personal relationship will be created between you and your lawyer, and all elements of your case will be discussed in detail.  Interaction with your lawyer is necessary since each case is unique and has to be customized appropriately in light of the specific facts of your case combined with the applicable law.

Our goal is serve as the advocate for you while providing quality legal representation in the most efficient and affordable manner.  In cases for which the type or scope of the claim is beyond our professional preparation, we will make appropriate recommendations for further legal counsel.

In all cases, attention will be focused on results that are fair and just in your specific situation.


Advocacy in the Wyoming Supreme Court

Steven Dwyer served as Guardian ad litem for the Arnott children in the 2012
case that was taken to the Supreme Court of Wyoming.

Arnott v. Arnott