Client Resources

The websites below were selected to provide access to information and legal counsel relative to your situation.


Wyoming Bar Association
The Wyoming Bar Association has a “For the Public” link from which you can access information about Wyoming law and legal services.
Equal Justice Wyoming
The Equal Justice System provides assistance and information for residents of Wyoming State and assists Wyoming residents of limited income to obtain help for their legal problems.
Teton County Access to Justice Center
The Teton County Access to Justice Center is a self-help legal resource center in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.  In this location, you can use resources of the Center and get advice from volunteer lawyers.  Through the Center, income-qualified community members of Teton County may also obtain free and reduced-fee legal representation through the assistance of local attorneys.
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services 
This Workman’s Compensation site provides detailed information about Workman’s Compensation rights, responsibilities, and procedures such as how to report an injury, disability benefits, and other related topics.
Wyoming Judicial Branch 
Using the information at the Wyoming Judicial Branch, you can learn about all courts, boards, and commissions of the Wyoming court system. The Supreme Court hears appeals of decisions of district courts and acts on petitions from litigants who are dissatisfied with a decision of a district court.
The Online Home of Wyoming Statutes
By going to The Online Home of Wyoming Statutes, you can explore in depth Wyoming statutes (laws passed by the Wyoming legislature).